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By smitty posted September 16th, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Brandon Boykin Tells Eagles Haters To Literally Shove Their Opinions Up Their Asses

Yup, that Tweet was deleted. And I go off on the refs.

Alrighty then. Yup, that Tweet was deleted.

But everyone is talking about the refs “giving” the Eagles the game. I had this reserved for the Eagles wrap up blog this afternoon, but we’ll just get it out here.

Most notably we’re talking about the horsecollar call on McCoy in the 4th when the Birds were down by 7. Screw the fact Fletcher Cox was flagged for the same exact questionable penalty last week, that ONE PLAY didn’t affect the outcome of the game. It’s not like the refs fucking gave the Birds the win on a silver platter. They still had to earn the victory. Did the refs cause Trent Bitchardson to fumble? Did the refs force Andrew Luck to throw an INT almost in his RZ during the 4th quarter? Did the refs help Darren Sproles break 101 tackles to paydirt? As someone on the Eagles reddit perfectly pointed out: THEY were the ones that made the Colts go 3 and out on the last drive. THEY were the ones that flawlessly marched down the field during one last drive while managing the clock perfectly to set up the game winning FG. THEY were the ones that won the game, not the fucking refs.

And here’s Boykin on the INT play: “First of all I was in the five-yard zone, and second he fell, he flopped pretty much. He did that against Cary and didn’t get the call. He was looking for the call. But like I said, Malcolm did a great job of capitalizing on it.”

He was WELL within 5-yards to make contact.



Did Boykin give him a little love tug on the jersey? Sure. But it wasn’t strong enough for TY to go full NBA flop on the field. It’s football. There’s no reason why Hilton couldn’t have made a better effort for that ball instead of trying to take the easy way out. And it backfired like a bitch.

I’ll take 2-0 anyway we can, and so would you. Go Birds.

By smitty posted September 16th, 2014 at 12:15 PM

Oh Just Your Standard 30th St. Station Ratchet Fight

Good morning has a lot different tone to it when you hear it at a liquor store.

YouTube – I saw this happen a few days ago and had no intention of posting it, but then I saw the woman in white on the train again today. SO….She did not know the woman she beat up. A few minutes earlier she was chasing the tall black man through cars on the Market Frankford line threatening to stab him with what looked like a homemade shiv and yelling ” I’m going to get you snitch bitch” over and over. The train stopped at 30th street and one got out. They continued to yell at each other and get on and off the train. The conductor came down and called the cops. The screaming continued for about 3 minutes. At one point the man she was arguing with sits down next to the woman with the cast on the bench…..then this happened. After the angry woman steals a purse and walks off. Cops WALK at a casual pace down into 30th street subway stop about 4 minutes later.

Nothing says class like assaulting a random drunken broad while your pants lose their battle with gravity. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that wasn’t the first time that buttcrack saw daylight that morning. And yes, AM. I don’t think these folks were in a rush to get anywhere on time. Good morning has a lot different tone to it when you hear it at a liquor store. Also major props for being out of prison and still choosing her own homemade shank as the deadly weapon. Gives the stabbing a more personal touch.

By smitty posted September 16th, 2014 at 11:25 AM

Sarah Palin Without Makeup Is Looking Fresh!



pics via DM


What else did you think a middle-aged mother of 4 would look like in real life? Look, I get it. All famous women are done up with makeup for in front of the cameras and there should be a drop off without it and blah blah blah. Palin’s gotta be smarter than this. She was almost a heartbeat away from ruling us all. You want to put on sweats and look like you’ve just been teabagged for a week by a oiled up catchers mitt? Fine. But don’t expect people to take you seriously. Not that was much of a concern to begin with. Regardless, Glenn Rice would still tap dat. The more cottage cheese in those thighs to eat the better.

Sly finger to the Paparazzi, Palin. Like the waitress to Costanza, she knew what she was doing.

By smitty posted September 16th, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Remember The Time Johnathan Papelbon Grabbed His Nuts At The Crowd? Yeah, That’ll Be A 7 Game Suspension

Peace out, Paps.

CBS – Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has been suspended seven games and fined an undisclosed amount for making an obscene gesture towards fans on Sunday, Major League Baseball announced. He will begin serving the suspension immediately. Papelbon, 33, allowed four runs to blow a 4-1 lead against the Marlins on Sunday. As you can see above, he grabbed his crotch in reaction to fans booing him as he walked off the field. Home plate umpire Joe West ejected Papelbon for the gesture.

The Phillies released the following statement about the suspension:

“The Phillies fully support the decision of the Commissioner’s Office, which has exclusive jurisdiction for on-field player behavior. By Major League Baseball rules, the Phillies have no authority to make official judgments about activity which occurs on the field or to determine the appropriate penalty for misconduct. We apologize to our fans for the actions of our player yesterday.”


It’s officially Birds season and there’s a 40,000 word blog coming around lunch about the game last night, but we’d me remiss not to put the cap on this year’s Phillies team. Ironically this picture describes how 99% of the fans feel towards this organization. But the biggest takeaway here is the Phils not only throwing Papelbon under the bus, but backing up and running him over a few times with that official statement. Show a little spine for once and back up your boy or tell him to pack his bags for the rest of the season (7 game suspension, 12 contests left). Either way, it looks like it’s peace out for Paps. I don’t think there’s anyway Philly’s biggest douche muffin is throwing another pitch in this city.

Also, Joe West looks (and acts) like a penis with a little hat on. That is all.

By smitty posted September 16th, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Wake Up With Paige Nikki

Wake up with Paige Nikki. Need to visit the Hooters where she works. Pretty sure she would get more than a 20 cent tip from me. @barstoolbulldoggy

Wake up with Paige Nikki. Need to visit the Hooters where she works. Pretty sure she would get more than a 20 cent tip from me.

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By bulldoggy posted September 16th, 2014 at 9:00 AM


No team in NFL history has started 2-0 after being down by 14+ points in the 2nd half of both of their first two games.

Big teams win big games in big moments. Yes, this was only the second game of the season. But it was against a pretty damn good team, on the road, under the lights. AND the Birds played no where near to their greatest ability. The Eagles just officially stamped their cards as official contenders tonight.

Andrew Luck has never lost back to back games. 10-0 in his young career. He also is 13-3 at home, beating both Super Bowl teams there last year during the regular season. No team in NFL history has started 2-0 after being down by 14+ points in the 2nd half of both of their first two games. DARREN FUCKING SPROLES. We’ll have more tomorrow, but fuck was this a great win.

PS – Ray Didinger just said this win was “Impressive as hell.” When you impress Ray Diddy, you know you did something special.

By smitty posted September 15th, 2014 at 11:42 PM


Also, I've been writing on this site for 3+ years and still aren't 100% sure what's a Live Blog.


Follow Chip, follow Chip to freedom!

IT’S BIRDS TIME BABY! Honestly, I’d be shocked if they pull it out. Just not the type of game the Eagles win or the Colts lose. Time to hope for the best.

Also, I’ve been writing on this site for 3+ years and still aren’t 100% sure what’s a Live Blog. Regardless, hit it!

By smitty posted September 15th, 2014 at 8:15 PM
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