Tupac back! Tupac back!

So while most of us were still celebrating (drinking) after the Flyers’ blissful dismantling of the Penguins, Sidney Crosby’s sanity, and the hopes/dreams of obese yinzers everywhere, there was a little concert going on in Coachella, California. Maybe you heard about it. Well, it’s worth noting that there was a MOTHERFUCKING 2PAC HOLOGRAM rapping on stage with Snoop before Eminem’s set. Twenty twelve coming through in the clutch. One second I’m complaining about the lack of the 21st century technology promised to us by Back To The Future, the next dead rapper holograms are talking about where pussy ranks on their ‘sweetest joy’ list. The future is here.

Wait, was this thing even 3D? Psssh, nevermind. Shit is lame. Bring me something along the lines of this and maybe I’ll be impressed.


“…you probly didn’t hear about him.”