APAdrian Peterson’s sensational season following major knee surgery has earned him The Associated Press 2012 NFL Most Valuable Player Award. Earlier Saturday, Peterson won Offensive Player of the Year. The Minnesota Vikings running back finished with 2,019 yards, a mere 9 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s rushing record. Peterson beat out Peyton Manning, who in his first season as Denver’s quarterback contended for a fifth MVP trophy. Manning’s four are a record. Peterson received 30 1-2 votes from a nationwide panel of 50 media members who regularly cover the NFL. Manning got the other 19 1-2 votes. Peterson led the Vikings from a 3-13 mark to 10-6 and a wild-card playoff berth. He is the first running back to win MVP since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2006.

The NFL finally got something right. Nine yards (really 8, I don’t know when everybody decided to forget basic math) away from breaking the all-time single-season rushing record after dragging his knee and Christian Ponder to the playoffs is MVP any way dice it. Giving this award to FrankenNeck Manningface would’ve been a travesty against football and proof of Papa John’s mafioso stranglehold on professional sports. Besides, the he more I think about it, Adrian Peterson may be the greatest running back many of us have ever seen. We may not have been alive for Jim Brown, but how many of us remember saying the phrase “he won’t last 3 seasons in the NFL if he keeps running like that” back in 2007? It’s 2013. And AD just came back off an ACL with the second greatest season for a running back ever.  Was Barry Sanders really that much better than Peterson?  Remember Barry racked up a lot of negative yards before breaking a lot of lose long runs.

Nice work, Voters.

PS –  Bruce Arians winning Coach of the Year is a sham. The guy didn’t even coach all 16 games — in my book that’s an Incomplete. What if he had lost those first four? What if most of the hard part had already been established and completed by his cancer-stricken mentor? How come the Colts — besides one late-season win over the Texans — didn’t have any impressive wins in Arians’ entire tenure? Nice job beating the Chiefs by 7, guys.  Fraud city.