Not much can beat the feeling of finally finishing divorce proceedings with an ex-wife you hate. LeSean McCoy knows what Hartsy’s talking about. No way this is over. Not just between Hartnell and Lisa Renneke, but athletes all over the world are using Twitter to air these chicks out and nothing appears to be slowing them down. Here are the top five most likely Philly athlete / ex-partner Twitter beefs:

Cole Hamels
Status – Happily Married with two sons and an adopted daughter
Probable Tweet: “@PitchBitch35 and you can keep the black one.”

Danny Watkins
Status – Uncertain
Probable Tweet: “@MapleLeafDannyGranny if you tell anyone my real age I’ll kill you, eh? Now go tape Matlock and heat up my back pad.”

Carlos Ruiz
Status – Wife in Panama with two kids, one of which was not with her.
Probable Tweet: “i no send mas money to @ChoochsCooch. she need to get a job. focus with Aderall maybe. #SingleCoochEnAmerica”

Kwame Brown
Status – Quick Googling turned up no wife and no kids
Probable Tweet: “@VIPsectionHo what do you mean you didn’t feel sparks? It was my disproportionately small hands and penis, wasn’t it?”

Will Sheridan
Status – Single gay male
Probable Tweet: “TIRED of @ChrisBosh fronting like we don’t make love under his Ostrich Centaur on the regular.”