By many accounts Kamel’s 21 is one of the hottest strip clubs in Atlanta, which — much like The Dude being the laziest in LA County — pretty much qualifies Kamel’s 21 for one of the hottest in the world. “Hottest” doesn’t necessarily mean that the girls don’t have a C-section scar or two or are particularly high-class, but it means Kamel’s 21 is the place you want to be because the shit is going down. And by all accounts, on Wednesday’s, the shit is going DOWN.

Bitch Slap Wednesday’s continues the storied tradition of bitch slap contests that have been around on radio and in house parties for years now. Did you see the slap at :40? DISRESPECTFUL.

I don’t wanna kill myself with a rusty screwdriver so Barstool needs to 100% send me to shit like this. Isn’t that why I’m here?