Philly.comSixers forward Marreese Speights will be traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in a three-team deal that would bring the Sixers a pair of second-round draft picks, a league source told the Daily News. The deal has to be approved by the league, the source said, with a conference call likely taking place this afternoon. The Sixers would trade Speights to the Memphis Grizzlies in return for their second-round draft pick in June’s draft, provided it is pick 31-55. That means the Sixers wouldn’t get the pick if the Grizzlies finish as one of the top four teams in the league. So it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll get that pick. The Sixers would also get New Orleans’ second-round pick in 2013 as part of the deal.

I love everything this new Sixers team is doing. Keeping the same roster in tact, stealing Kevin Love’s talent juice Space Jam style and putting it into the body of Spencer Hawes, and now trading my least favorite Philly athlete for a couple of second-round picks? Our new ownership is creating something truly beautiful here.

Of course with Marrreese’s (worst spelling ever) departure goes one of the most interesting and intriguing local athlete Twitter accounts around. From his nonstop push to free Lil’ Boosie to his pics mocking fat chicks and people breaking social norms, he was one of the few that kept me on my toes. Philly bloggers will miss your Twitter, Marreese. Not so much your ability to warm bench or chuck up 10 shots in 5 minutes. But the Twitter, definitely.