yahooAllen Iverson is going to announce his retirement from the NBA soon. First reported, appropriately, by SLAM Magazine, the 2001 NBA MVP and 11-time All-Star will call it quits after a star-crossed NBA career and short stint playing in Turkey. Iverson has not played an NBA game since Feb. 2010, and it’s fair to say that his time away from the game has brought more bad news than good. Iverson leaves the NBA after being shunned by NBA squads to start the 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, and presumably 2013-14 seasons. Though Allen wasn’t exactly a greybeard when he walked away from the Philadelphia 76ers in 2010 at the age of 34, it was probably that walk away that prematurely ended his NBA career.

Also — Allen Iverson wasn’t already retired from the NBA. Not sure many people knew that.

Anybody who even has a shred of Philly fanhood in them should unequivocally love AI regardless of his many shortcomings simply because he is what we love our athletes to be. Hard-working, relentless, tough, passionate, real, and extremely talented. He’s not perfect by any means, and neither are we as a fanbase. But Allen always loved Philly and Philly always loved Allen. And chances are it will remain that way forever. Along with Brian Dawkins, The Answer was THE athlete for the past generation of Philadelphia sports.

I just hope he keeps his shit together long enough to give a Hall Of Fame speech.

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