Philly.comAllen Iverson and wife Tawanna remain engaged in a bitter divorce and The Answer recently outlined his finances in court documents filed in Georgia, and claims he runs a deficit of close to $300K per month according to a TMZ report. Iverson says monthly expenses cost him about $360,000 per month while he brings in income of $62,500 per month. According to the court filings, Iverson pays more than $125,000 to assorted creditors including his jeweler, and also spends money on several mortgates, though as TMZ states, his Atlanta mansion is about to be auctioned off. A.I. reports that he spends $10,000 a month on clothes, $10,000 on groceries, $1,000 on dry cleaning and $10,000 per month on restaurants (It’s unclear how much is spent at T.G.I. Friday’s) and entertainment.

Yeah I’m an American like most of you, but even for us sometimes we just gotta do the math. Let’s break down this food situation because the shit seems odd:

$10,000/mo in groceries = $333.33/day
$10,000/mo in restaurants = $333.33/day

That’s $666.66 a DAY in food costs. I know that seems low to me too, so let’s break down an average day and find out how Iverson manages to nourish himself on such a tight budget:

Filet Mignon and Gold Crown Crusted Russian Faberge Egg = $96

All of the entrees at Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse + $100 tip = $321

17oz Super Colossal Maine Lobster Tail with 5 filet mignon steaks and 3oz of pure silver = $209

See? Much easier to spend that money than you thought. And with the $39 left over, I’m sure he can buy his kids a DVD or half an Xbox game or something.

Tell that B to jump off your back, AI. You’re already scrimping as much as you can. And speaking of scrimps, it’s probably time for you to make your way to the hibachi place.