CNNThe last hand in the “two thumbs up” film critic team, Roger Ebert, died Thursday, two days after revealing cancer returned to his body. Ebert and Gene Siskel co-hosted their iconic review show until Siskel’s death in 1999 after a battle with a brain tumor. The Chicago Sun-Times, the base of operations for Ebert’s syndicated reviews, announced his death at age 70. In an essay on his blog Tuesday, Ebert explained he was planning to slow down and reduce the number of movie reviews he wrote. Ebert had already lost his voice and much of his jaw after battling thyroid and salivary gland cancer.

This person:

I may not have a nirvana-level understanding of Buddhism but I’m pretty sure the Karma received for honestly reviewing a crappy movie doesn’t ensure one’s slow death from crazy face cancer.

But if it does and “James” is right then this universe is a way more fucked-up place than any of us could have imagined.