CSNJust before he walked away from the podium to abruptly signal the end of his own press conference, Eagles head coach Andy Reid made a stunning admission that he had fired the wrong assistant coach. Reid shouldn’t have fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo on Oct. 16 when he sought ways to improve his foundering 3-3 team, which had just blown a 10-point lead to Detroit in the fourth quarter and lost 26-23 in overtime. He should have retained his longtime and loyal assistant and parted ways with defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who had become an unpopular and divisive figure inside the NovaCare Complex, according to several team sources and other sources familiar with the situation. Reid, who fired Washburn early Monday morning, went out of his way in his press conference to praise Castillo in his final remark to the media after also expressing disappointment in Washburn’s short stint with the team. “Listen, it’s not how you draw it up,” Reid said when asked how the team could recover from losing its defensive coordinator, defensive line coach and Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin — a Washburn disciple who was released last week — all within an eight-week span. “I’ll end it with I think Juan Castillo is a great person and a fine football coach. Juan will have a long career in the National Football League, and rightly so.”

Couple things first:

1) It’s amazing how much more listenable, knowledgeable, and likable Brian Westbrook is than Donovan McNabb. Clearly made his points without being too afraid to speak the truth about the organization. Great contributions.

2) Marcus Hayes has gotten faaaaat. Maybe I don’t watch as much DNL as I should but I had never noticed how much our faithful staccato-writing hero has grown lately. Gullet chin AND the fat guy dress shirt tucked into the jeans? Time to start dressing your size, MH.

Anyway, this whole Eagles situation has spiraled out of control to the point where I can’t even keep up blogging every ridiculous thing that comes out of the NovaCare complex. Today a report will probably be released as soon as a post this that Andy Reid and Duce Staley ate Jamaal Jackson or that Kurt Coleman is actually an 11 year-old who got his powers Thunderstruck style from a Division-III Free Safety. It’s absurd.

But at least the finish line is in sight. There’s no way Lurie can avoid the inevitable this year. Big Red will be gone and the team will finally have a chance to say goodbye to everyone expendable, expensive, or extra trouble. Only a few more weeks, guys.

Run the ball, new coach.