Philly.comOverall, Bryzgalov was brilliant, stopping 31 shots, including many from in close. The Flyers’ offense, however, had little attack time and they managed one goal for their third straight game. Their power play went 0 for 2 — both early in the third period — and they are now 0 for 13 on the PP in their last five games. Afterward, in his first comments since the story broke, Bryzgalov criticized those who reported he had slept during a recent team meeting. The Fanatic — the team’s flagship radio station — and the Daily News reported the story, citing unnamed sources. Speaking in a calm but hurt tone, Bryzgalov vehemently denied the reports, calling them “embarrassing” and adding “you’ve got to prove your sources. That was never happening. You became not professional journalists. You’ve got to do your job better….Find reliable sources.”

Funny Bryz should mention sources, since I just became close with a source on the team who says that while they find Ilya Bryzgalov’s broken English spaceman act funny and affable, they also hate that he makes $50 Million and “still kinda sucks sometimes”.

The source also went on to mention that Ilyz in fact did fall asleep in those team meetings, but that “nobody cares” because the team “has zero direction” and they “missed the fucking playoffs anyway”.

“Dats Engbarrasing, ah?”

Yes, it is Bryz. Missing the playoffs with a team some expected to contend is “engbarrasing”.