Didn’t get the chance to watch the whole thing yet since I was too busy last night curinsg out Eli Manning for not winning me FanDuel money (literally one more completed pass away from good money, fuck the Giants) but I definitely will catch it today. Gotta love the way Bordain began the show:

“There will be no cheesesteak in this show. Let me say that right up front.”

Great stuff. Other great quotes courtesy of eater:

On Philadelphia: “So. Philadelphia. City of Brotherly Love. We’re going to try to avoid all of that shit.”

Cheers: “Fuck brotherly love. Cheers to Philadelphia.”

Proposing changes to Philadelphia: “You should take down the Rocky statue and put up a Joe Frazier statue. You think I’d get any support for that?” — ALREADY WORKING ON IT.

On Philadelphia: “Philadelphia is a town with a low tolerance for bullshit and a whole lot of heart. Forget about Rocky and forget about cheesesteak.”

Check out a gallery of pictures from AB’s trip to our city below.