TSGFEBRUARY 7–The apparent hack of several e-mail accounts has exposed personal photos and sensitive correspondence from members of the Bush family, including both former U.S. presidents, The Smoking Gun has learned. The photos and e-mails were uploaded yesterday to an online account that appears to have been hacked for the purpose of hosting the material. In e-mail exchanges with the person who claimed responsibility for the hack, the individual claimed to have swiped “a lot of stuff,” including “interesting mails” about George H.W. Bush’s recent hospitalization, “Bush 43,” and other Bush family members.

Liberals hated him because he was a war-first questions-later President, Conservatives hated him because he spent government money faster than the Liberals, and dumb people loved him because, well, they’re dumb. But regardless of your politics, regardless about how you felt about America’s double decade-long wars or ultra rich tax breaks or how the word “nuclear” should be pronounced, we as a people all have to come together to admit that the man is gifted.

Bathtub George W. Bush and Shower Mirror George W. Bush are brilliant. It’s as if the former President slit his wrists and said “World this is my blood. It’s red just like yours.” The visible pain and haunting self-torment in the eyes of the man looking at himself in a shower mirror — it’s as if he’s judging himself at his most vulnerable point. Naked before the world, completely unable to wash off the deeds of the past. Doesn’t even matter that the tiles are all fucked up and crooked. Brilliant. And the bathtub painting — you’d think that was a real photograph!

W…you’re all right.