Brittney Griner signed a deal with a WCBA Chinese basketball team today, making her one of many women’s players who keep busy during the WNBA offseason stacking extra dough overseas. As Deadspin points out, most women’s leagues in other parts of the world actually pay better than the league in our own homeland. Whether this is because foreigners have more respect for athletic balance across the genders or because they live in countries where they’ve never seen a man dunk before is irrelevant.  What is relevant is the fact that our girls are getting paid more to play in China than the US. And this raises some important questions.

For example: are these bitches dumb? Why — if you’re making more than double your WNBA salary in China — would you ever come back to America to play in front of 5 lesbian season ticket holders and 30,000 empty seats?  And for mere Jiao’s on the Renminbi? Doesn’t make any sense! If these chicks are seriously pulling in less than $50,000 a season to travel all summer and take charges and sprain ankles in the US then they’ve gotta be stupid, right? Or is it an issue of national pride? Because it’s hard to convince me they couldn’t make more than 50Gs doing Chinese soda commercials or being a walking billboard for Nike.

What do you think? Are WNBA players dumb for coming back to the US to play?

Vote 1 for “Of course not something something something America” and 10 for “Dumb. Gotta follow the money to China”
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