tmzThe indestructible Chuck Norris has finally met his match … Father Time. 73-year-old Norris — sporting a cleanly shaven face — was spotted out in Hawaii Thursday with his sleeveless t-shirt, sunglasses, and grandpa belly … actually looking his age for once in his life.

Why now, Chuck? Why choose this moment to turn yourself from internet cult super-icon into a bowl of pathetic elderly dogshit? You’re more famous five years ago now than you’ve ever been in your life. More famous than any Bruce Lee movie or Total Gym infomercial had ever made you. And here you are out in Hawaii with the 90′s video camera and sleeveless K-Mart tee looking like a Matrix Agent who was left in the sun too long. Get it together, Chuck.

Time for you to get back up on that Total Gym, do a couple smooth lat pull-downs, and abort this food pregnancy figure you’ve got goin on these days. Stop being selfish. Some of us are too hung over to deal with your gross image right now.