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Simple question here, do you believe that slavery is why blacks dominate in sports now?


Excellent question, even if you did come up lazy on the email. C’mon bruh you can give me more than one sentence. There are other people asking much less interesting questions but at least they’re taking the time to write full paragraphs. Not hating on everyone’s questions — just sayin.

Anyway, the short answer is “yes”. Sports in this country for the most part are dominated by black Americans. Like Chris Rock said, “we’re 10% of the population and 90% of the Final Four.” The numbers don’t add up; the only logical explanation is that almost 300 years of hard-ass manual labor for no pay has made my people bigger, faster, and stronger than those whose ancestors were lawyers or sitting at desks blogging by ink quill.

Yes, people with roots in Africa (along with Swedes and shit) are taller than other peoples of the world, but height alone doesn’t allow you to dominate sports. If a match of Africans vs. African-Americans in sports ever happened, American blacks would win every event sans long distance running. Shit, White Americans would probably win every event sans long distance running. So it’s not just our African genes, cause a team of skinny-ass Angolans ain’t about to win the Super Bowl.

I disagree with Chris Rock on the baseball thing because Latinos, Whites, and Asians run MLB now, but that’s only because we chose to stop giving a shit about baseball because kids think it’s slow and unexciting. Plus it’s cheaper to bring in some Cuban with 2 years of education than a black kid with a better understanding of American athletics — but I won’t get into all that.

All in all, while there is a certain amount of pride that comes along with seeing people who look like you take a shit on people of different descent, I’d much rather not have sports (along with other forms of entertainment) as our main claim to fame. White people wish they were as good at sports and you can see that in some of the politicking that goes on with the different leagues and their fans, but trust me, as white people you’re much better off dominating the sport of Finance than the sport of Football.  Eric LeGrand ain’t about to see a multi-million dollar bailout.

Thanks Taylor