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found some gold here:


There goes the argument for anyone claiming we live in a “post-racial” America. Sure we can eat at the same restaurants, send our children to the same schools, and work side-by-side in every industry in the nation, but we truly aren’t equals until we can bang the same hookers.

What the hell, Destiny? No brothers allowed? You know the President is black, do you have a NO PRESIDENTS rule, too?  Is your Nazi pussy “whites only” or are you just terrified of what black men would do to your merchandise? I understand there are racists among my readership who “won’t bang a chick if she’s been with a black guy”…but you’re a whore. Like literally you have sex for money. And in AMERICA, it’s not about whether your penis is black, white, or tiny/yellow, it’s about how much GREEN you have in your pocket. I’m offended, Destiny. My genitals are offended. I have a wonderful penis that you and your pro-segregation Klan clam will never get to see.

Actually…maybe we can make a deal. I’ll promise not to be African American as long as you promise to actually look like that photo and not be a 37 year-old bruised up scaby factory when you show up.  Deal?