TMZIn case anyone on set forgets, Tyler Perry is the writer … director … executive producer … and Grand Poobah of his new movie — and if you don’t believe us … JUST LOOK AT HIS FREAKIN’ CHAIR! Tyler’s currently filming “Single Moms Club” at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta — and in typical Tyler Perry fashion, he’s gotta make damn sure everyone knows it’s his film… starting with his over-the-top self-branded director’s chair. Filming started yesterday at the college — a week before finals — and we’re told students are pretty pissed about the distraction. Oh yeah, the film also stars Tyler Perry.

You forgot “Closet Homosexual/CEO of Atlanta/Modern Day Blacksploitation Profiteer”

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Yo Moe,

What is with all these Tyler Perry movies? Just saw a preview for one where he’s dressed as Big Momma hiding a jew family in his house. Aren’t there like a 100 of these movies? Do black people really like these things? They look unwatchable to me but I guess I’m not the demographic they’re looking for. Just curious.


First of all I don’t even like the nickname but if you’re going to call me “Mo” at least spell it right. I’m not slangin flaming drinks to the citizens of Springfield. Secondly, Tyler Perry didn’t do “Big Momma”. Tyler Perry does Madea. Yes they’re both over-the-top black women stereotypes portrayed by middle-aged men, but to be fair they’re two completely different things.

Yes black people like these “things”, but there are also a great number of black people who don’t. It’s kind of like a dividing line in the African American community, actually. Like nobody would mistake The Boondocks for something anti-black, and McGruder went IN on TP in an episode a few years back. ¬†Personally I remember a few Thanksgivings ago my aunt (NOT pronounced like the insect) put on a Madea movie in the background and half the family watched while other half spent the next two hours eye-rolling over their candied sweet potatoes with me. But considering Tyler Perry is one of the highest paid entertainers in the world, I think it’s fair to say that people really do like his work. Probably helps that they only cost $400 to make. ¬†It’s wholesome Christian black family comedy. As a non-religious unwholesome guy with no family, personally I just can’t fuck with it.

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