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Boston visit from a Stoolie.  I bartend at a local bar in Atlantic City, the Ducktown Tavern. Along with our sister bar in Galloway NJ, Tailgaters Grill, Ducktown tracked our sales of Sam Adams during the week following the bombing. The owners decided to donate the money from all Sam sales and matched it for a total of $4,000 going to the victims' fund. We drove up to Boston and met with first responders from the fire department and were also greeted with open arms by the Sam Adams brewery and recieved generous gifts from both. Just thought we'd share a good local story from AC, showing our support for Boston! Drinking for a good cause is like a sore dick, you can't beat it !

–Brian Ireland

Doing it for the press or not, these guys did something positive. Great stuff. Between this and the Stoolies raising over $135K+ through t-shirts my faith in humanity is almost restored.