Turns out Iman Shumpert is a rapper on the side, just like Lou Williams, Kevin Durant, and pretty much everybody else in the league. It’s a shame there aren’t more scientists on the side or philosophers on the side…but I’m not here to complain. I’m here to see who holds the title of best rapper/player in the Atlantic division. As far as I know Rondo doesn’t have a freestyle yet and I’m probably just ignorant to the spitters on the Raptors and Nets, so the crown has to be given to one of these two.

Vote 1 for Shumpert and 10 for Lou Will.
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PS – Someone should tell Shumpert to stop rapping about his pill addition. Leave that stuff to Eminem, bro.


Yeah I had no idea about Marquis “Q6″ Daniels. Winner sees Q6 in round two.