So I was watching last night’s Cliff Lee start (praying for 10+K’s to get me out of this fantasy baseball hole) when I realized that we STILL don’t do enough Phillies coverage. And how can we? Smitty is already stretched thin doing what he can and yours truly is far too busy stalking Smokes on Facebook and being a cultural trendsetter to pen paragraphs about, say, Victorino and his Cliffness getting into a spat yesterday. Not enough time. So what does that mean? It’s means that YOU can be a part of the Barstool Sports team.

Let me say this first: this is a non-paying gig. Let me say this again: this is a non-paying gig. But if you’re a good writer, know how to use humor, and know the Phillies like the back of your dick (or vagina — no discrimination) then email me an example or two at and you can win a MUCH larger audience for your crazy sports opinions. Smitty will still write Phils blogs every now and again like I might, but we’re looking for someone who can pull off a blog or two every couple days to make sure we don’t miss any stories.

Again, send example blogs or a URL to your current blog to  Must be current stuff — no super old blogs.  No guarantees, either. If I can’t find anyone decent Smitty and I will just have to pick up the slack. But the role is there for the taking.