HuffPoMost people who buy waffle cone makers use them only for their intended purpose. What I’ve discovered though is that with a little creativity you can also use them to make things like taco cones, pizza cones, chicken and waffle cones or my most recent creation — a Cobb salad in a cone made out of croutons. Out of all the ridiculous creations I’ve made thus far with my waffle cone maker the crouton cone was by far the most difficult. As you can imagine, croutons aren’t exactly intended to be made into cones, but after a few tries I was finally able to create a crouton cone that not only looked, but more importantly, tasted great. Not only did my Cobb salad in a crouton cone taste great, but it also solved a problem that I normally have with croutons in that they always seem either too soft or way too hard. The crouton cone was sort of a perfect medium between the two. At this point I’m also starting to think that there isn’t a single food out there that isn’t better in cone form…

Really, because I’m pretty sure SALAD isn’t better in cone form no matter how many satanic virgin blood rituals you performed to make that crouton waffle cone. Salad is fine. Croutons are fine. Salad stuffed into a crouton ice cream cone is not.

Do you really expect people to munch up the bottom of that giant crouton after all the greens are gone? Just diving head-first into a giant mouthful of salty seasoned bread? Not happening; not in America at least. I dare this ‘inventor’ to put his salad cone crouton disaster up against ANYTHING meat related. It could be a cone made of cow ass-bones filled with ground turkey tits and it would sell triple what this monstrosity would.

This…this is gross. Further commentary after the jump: