ArbroathThe parents of a wheelchair-bound boy are considering legal action against the NSW Department of Education and Communities in Australia over what they believe is an act of discrimination. Luke Smith, 11, who suffers no mental disability from his condition, hydrocephalus – water on the brain, was left staring at the backs of his classmates in a photo taken to celebrate the year 6 graduation at Beresfield Public School, near Newcastle. In the image only his wheelchair is visible between the legs of his mates in what should have been a lasting memento of his primary education. A month of preparation and planning – including a rehearsal – failed to ensure Luke was placed in the front row. “I bawled my eyes out,” his distraught mother Vicky Smith, who snapped a damning photo of the situation, said. “I’m just shattered,” his father Phillip Smith said. “If he wasn’t in a wheelchair he would be in that photo.” When asked if the photo was a spur of the moment event, Mr Smith shook his head. “No, it was all planned,” he said. “It was his year 6 farewell and that photo is something he should be able to look back on.” The DEC spokesman said it was an ­oversight. “They had rehearsed the photo and ­somehow between then and photo being taken he ended up out of place,” the spokesman said. “The students were grouped alphabetic­ally for the photo – being Smith he ended up at the back, it wasn’t discrimination. It’s all an unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Seems simple enough: it’s the bad fruit theory. Like if you work at a Supermarket and are putting out the apples, you’re gonna put the bruised disabled apples in the back or turn them over to hide their crippled bruise marks. Same goes for children. Nobody wants his watery brain wheelchair limbs ruining an otherwise positive memory. It’s a terrible event, for sure. But it just goes to show you how far some people will go to get a decent group photo.  Out of sight, out of wheelchair.

PS – Also, this is alphabetical?  His name is “Luke Smith”, not “Professor X”.