Thank you! Thank God somebody in this world won’t pander to every little whim of a child. Boo effing hoo, kid. You didn’t get the foul ball. Well check it I’m like 15x older than you are and I’ve never caught a foul ball in my life. And I’ve probably spent close to $500 over the past few years trying to buy good tickets so I can get one. Did you spend any money to get within a seat of foul ball glory? No? Your parents paid for everything and even found a way to get you a ball after crying and acting selfish? Alright then, shut up and stop looking so salty.

IN THE FACE.  And a big congratulations goes out to the foul ball couple. Congrats on rubbing that shit right in that kids’ spoiled face. Wish I was Facebook friends with you so I could share that ball pose all around the internets.

Didn’t Americans used to be tough?  Now we freak out when a kid crying for a baseball doesn’t get one.  No wonder the Chinese own us.  In Hong Kong this baby would have been tossed back for one better at hiding his emotions.