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My buddy is huge Eagles fan. Put down $50 on 8 team parlay to win $18,500. He took Dallas. Lost the parlay on that punt return.

Here is picture of the bet…


Simply the worst possible thing that can happen to a gambling man of sane mind. This will haunt your buddy forever, and you forever simply by proxy. Do you know how many times you’re gonna have to sit through the “Why I Hate Damaris Johnson And How The Shitty Eagles Screwed Me Out Of $18 Grand” story? Infinity times, David. Infinity times.

He’s still, of course, the biggest loser here…but that’s how gambling works. There’s a reason why it’s possible to win $18,500 on a 50 dollar bet — because it’s fucking impossible to win. If it were up to Vegas, every gambler would get this close and leave with some amazing tale of how they almost walked away with tens of thousands of dollars. It’s how they secure repeat customers. He’s left with is a great story and an itch to blow much more money in the future, the sports book has his 50 bones. The circle of life.

Also, you NEVER bet your favorite team. For or against.