There was a time where I was convinced that Bad Lip Reading was the absolute cow’s tits, bees knees, most fun you can have on Youtube. But things change. And just as sure as we were that T-Pain was the greatest R&B artist in the world and that Four Loko would become the new champagne, it was over. Their crucial mistake: over-saturating the market. It seemed like a new BLR was coming out every few days which — for me — was way too often to be checking for gibberish nonsense. I’ve got too much of my own gibberish nonsense to write to be spending time checking the Lip Reading Youtube twice a week.

But this debate clip might’ve saved them. Debates are the perfect forum for Bad Lip Reading. Jim Leher is the best BLR character since Rick Perry. And while it gets a little weird at the end, this one might make me check back more often. Besides, I don’t think my heart will allow me to miss what they can do with Joe Biden after Thursday.

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I should have bought this months ago: