Last week was my hardest FanDuel loss to date. Hurt my heart. Purposefully didn’t brag on the blog about my team as to avoid any jinx, yet there I was less than a point away from cash (I had 157, 157.82 won $100). Which has taught me a valuable lesson that I should’ve learned the first time: never draft Eli Manning.

I was sitting pretty within striking distance after Sunday with Eli and Cruz still left to win me a few thousand more this year, and what did Eli do? ONE touchdown pass…NOT to Cruz. Not so sure I could hate the Giants any more than I do now.

But another week, another chance at thousands of FanDuel dollars. Join me, the rest of the Barstool Network, and several hundred other Stoolies this weekend and find out what all the talk is about. Details:

· $25,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $5,000
· 555 seats in the tournament, up to four entries allowed
· $50 entry fee
· League starts at kickoff on Sunday, Dec. 9th