[maurice's Notes]

Did you catch Devlin’s “Mo just dunked” face?

mo just dunked

Only thing better would have been to save my first dunk in almost a decade for when I was actually on camera.

Anyway — 2-0.

[Smitty's Notes]

The editing doesn’t do it justice but there were more TV timeouts taken during this 30 minutes of basketball for Team Blackout to dry heave than there are during the Final Four. Good games, though. Even if Dante pulled a Michael Scott and whiffed over the backboard by a solid 10 ft. That sort of stuff doesn’t happen in real life.

I legitimately lost almost 20 pounds since the first 2 on 2 and I still look like a fat piece of tits that moves as fast as Vlade Divac getting up from a hard foul. Fuck.


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