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Welcome Maxine from Temple. Weird start to the year to say the least. Philadelphia sports is all topsy-turvy. Kids are cutting themselves because Justin Bieber smoked weed. I realized I’m one of maybe 3 people who work for this website who doesn’t have a debilitating gambling problem. Wild stuff. At least we still have blonde Smokeshows to keep things calm.

Well, calm until we bust open the Electric Factory like a damned pinata in a few weeks with our second Barstool Blackout Foam show. That place doesn’t stand a chance. When we get down we do it right.

So for all the former Smokeshows who want free tickets, email us at Phillytips@barstoolsports.com. If you’d like to nominate a Smokeshow, send links to Facebook profiles to the same address and if they’re picked they can get free tickets too. If you’re like me and have never been a Smokeshow, do yourself a favor and be sure to GET YOUR TICKETS for February 9th event. Guaranteed shit show.  Viva.