hated names

Turns out a lot of you have names you don’t like, so what better way to decide which is the worst of all than to hold a tournament? Here’s what we’re gonna do: you guys email Smitty and I names you don’t like (PHILLYTIPS@BARSTOOLSPORTS.COM) with a brief description as to why you don’t like the name or a story of somebody with that name. Maybe you hate the name Lawrence because of some Lawrence kid in your 3rd grade class who shit his pants all the time. Maybe a dude named Seth banged your date after prom. Maybe you just hate every Danny and can’t explain why. Whatever it is, let us know (phillytips@barstoolsports.com) and maybe we’ll add your name and reason in the tournament.

Remember: the better your explanation, the higher the chances your name gets picked.

PS – don’t email me “maurice”. i get it.