chihapauraA gold jewel for the dollar sign on a computer keyboard – one of the most commonly used symbols in our materialist society. Gold Key $4 is custom made for your keyboard, hence development and production will take some time.

Don’t know why I need this but I do. I just do. Add it to the bday list with my wearable sleeping bag. And while something like a single gold tooth might be seen as sleazy, the gold dollar sign keyboard button screams nothing but class. It’s like Meryl Streep farting into a silk pillow filled with Indian baby hair. Class City.

I’ve been a professional blogger for enough years where I feel I’m deserving. I can’t even look my keyboard in the face anymore knowing it’s gold-free. You might as well picture a grown man dancing around his apartment with a keyboard blasting some shit like’Swag OD’ now cause that’s 100% the life I’m gonna be living after this gets installed.