DMVice President Joe Biden’s costly trip to London and Paris last month just got more expensive. A newly uncovered receipt from the February trip shows the vice president’s office spent $321,665 to a limousine company in London, in addition to the previously reported hotel tabs of $459,338 for one night’s stay in the city and and $585,000 for a night in Paris. State department officials say Biden’s staff members, who are not allowed to drive themselves, used the limo company to get around the city. Biden’s limousine was flown in from the U.S. The limo bill was first reported by CNN after the Weekly Standard discovered the hotel bills online, where federal officials had posted contract filings for the expenses. During his trip in late February, Biden spent the night at two five-star hotels – one night at the Hyatt Regency London for a total of $459,338.65 and another night at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand for $585,000.50. A State Department official told ABC News that the costs are ‘nothing out of the ordinary.’

Y’all remember last month when Joey B and The Boyz went gorillas in Paris racking up that $585,000 hotel bill? Well consider that the beginning. Joe ‘Ciroc Blue Dot’ Biden’s power comes from his ability to innovate where other men falter. The create opportunity when other men settle for less. Most Vice-Commanders In Chief would have been fine with just a $600K French hotel bill — but Joe’s no pussy. A quitter he is not. Where most world leaders would concede to already spending too much of his countrymen’s money Joe simply laughs to himself, throws on the shades, and orders 10 more limos to be helicoptered onto the tarmac. “Fill ‘em each with bean bag chairs, Crystal, and a different race of hooker.”

And as Biden uncomfortably bangs a bunch of Chinese prostitutes on college furniture, know that he does it for all the Americans at home suffering through economic hardship. “Our government will not start acting like it’s poor. These colors don’t run!”