Actually had a reader email me a few weeks back inviting me to take part in the 4/20 Philly Smokedown to support the Philly NORML chapter and raise awareness for marijuana laws or whatever. Didn't go. Not because I don't support marijuana legalization or out of fear of getting caught, I just didn't see the appeal of dealing with assholes like this all day. Why blow my high on 4/20 arguing with this dude or having the same “don't trust the system!” conversation with white dreadlock hippies and the NJ Weedman? No thanks. I can smoke weed in the comfort of my own apartment where there are video games and snacks and not a single fat girl dancing with flowers in her hair.

Besides, there are literally thousands of door-to-door weed delivery services in our city and all across the country. AND apparently people can smoke next to the Liberty Bell and blow Kush in little kids' faces now. Seems legal enough for me.

But yeah — this dude sucks.

Thanks CJ