not nick foles


sunsentinelA tenant who borrowed her landlord’s computer was shocked and surprised when she logged on and found naked pictures — of herself. The woman found the images stashed in a computer file labeled “Porn,” along with sexually explicit recordings of teenage girls and nude images of girls as young as 7, a police report says. As a result, William Anthony Raber, 27, has been charged with one felony count of video voyeurism and 17 child pornography charges. He is being held at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano Beach. Raber admitted to using a small, generic black camera to record videos of the tenant and to downloading the child porn images, the police report says. She saw a file labeled “Porn,” opened it and found four video recordings of herself nude and getting dressed in her bedroom, the police report says. One video shows Raber “placing what she believes to be a camera in her room,” according to the police report. She also saw several child porn images, the report says.

How much more pussy would Nick Foles get if he looked like William Anthony Raber instead of how Nick Foles looks? Check out this picture of the Eagles current backup:


He looks like a lesbian camp director. You’re on the east coast now, Nick. Time to butch-up that look with some chinstrap stubble, a dark Caesar, and maybe a TAPOUT shirt covered in dragon silhouettes and white flames.

PS – something something White Mike Vick.