DMA 34-year-old man faces charges of reckless child endangerment after he left his girlfriend’s son in a car to go shopping for a 51 inch television in the early hours of Black Friday. Anthony Perry of Springfield, Massachusetts denies that he left the two-year-old boy alone. He says he took the child into the K-Mart store and the boy got lost. K-Mart staff called the police after several attempts to contact the child’s caretaker over the store intercom proved unsuccessful. Police aren’t sure how Perry was able to get from the K-Mart plaza to his home without taking the car he drove to the store.

So this dad got locked up for going into the guaranteed insanity of a Black Friday doorbuster at K-MART — not even Macy’s, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart — alone and leaving a small child to sleep comfortably in the car instead? Makes zero sense to me. That two year-old would have been trampled by a heard of obese Proles in un-ironic golden retriever sweatshirts and $100 TVs on the brain. Pretty sure little man was safer chilling in the back seat of the Venza.

Should Anthony have taken his girlfriend’s son home before walking back to test out his new 51-inch television? Definitely. Can’t even argue with that. But it’s even more insane that in this country that somebody can break into your car at 1:30AM, abduct your child, forcibly take him to a hospital for no reason, then lock you up for letting him in sleep in the car instead of fight for walking room amidst a sea of white trash and hood rats.

Use your heads, America.