Both sides of the argument amaze me. On one side you have gun nuts FLIPPING OUT on Bob Costas for making his opinion that guns are too prevalent in American society known during a usually non-political football show. Completely understandable that these people are upset because they tuned in to watch football and not be lectured about the dangers of guns. But how is it even possible for gun nuts to question that America has a gun problem? YOU CAN’T EVEN ARGUE THAT. America is 10th in the world in gun homicides and last time I checked we don’t live in Brazilian favelas or fucking Columbia. So obviously there are problems somewhere whether it’s regulation, control, education, or whatever. Too many people are dying to say otherwise or ignore the issue.

On the other side, NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT GUNS, BOB COSTAS. I’ve always respected the man as a journalist first and sports journalist second, but bringing his personal viewpoints and co-signing shit Jason Whitlock wrote to preach to the American public during Sunday Night Football is awful. “If Javon Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and his Kassandra Perkins would be alive today.” Maybe, I guess. Unless he owned KNIVES.

There’s a disconnect here that I don’t think Costas understands: people have a right to own many of the same weapons as the government. What else do we have to stop the government military and police from raiding our homes and taking what they want if they were to choose to do so? That’s partially why the Second Amendment exists I thought. It’s to keep you and yours safe from Johnny Criminal, sure. But hoarding semi-automatic weapons is also a way for private citizens to protect themselves against a tyrannical government.

Shut up, Costas.

PS – Sweet Beats, Patrick.