cbsATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey casino says it will become the first casino in the United States to let hotel guests gamble from their rooms over the TV set. Atlantic City’s Borgata will offer its E-Casino to hotel guests starting Feb. 18. It lets guests with player’s cards set up electronic accounts and risk up to $2,500 a day. Slots and four kinds of video poker will be the first games offered. The casino says the technology can be expanded to include gambling over hand-held devices anywhere on casino property, and eventually, full Internet gambling—if New Jersey approves it. The technology is currently used on large cruise ships. It will be available in all 2,000 of the Borgata’s rooms. Las Vegas allows sports betting on hand-held devices.

Amazing work, Borgata. Atlantic City setting the pace all over the gambling world these days. And by gambling world I mean gambling America since you can 100% wager fingers, gold bars, and black market infants in Dubai. But by American standards AC is doing it right. Sports books getting set up and giving the finger to the federal government, multiple classes of hookers wandering all through the streets at all times of day, and now we can gamble $2500 a day without ever having to step onto the casino floor. A man could literally get fucked by a woman and fucked by the dealer at the same damn time. Brilliant move.

Chris Christie, homey, all you gotta do is lose like 40 pounds and you’re President. You can’t love donuts THAT much.