Philly.comThe horribly injured young man whose photo has become an iconic image of the Boston Marathon bombing is a Flyers fan with deep family roots in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Jeff Bauman, 27, lost both legs in the attack, and was listed in critical condition at Boston Medical Center on Tuesday. The picture of him in a gray shirt, being rushed from the chaos in a wheelchair, has appeared on news media across the country, including the front page of The Inquirer. The Inquirer and others generally cropped the photo so as not to show Bauman’s shattered legs. “We’re all just gathering around him, loving him, telling him we’re here for him,” Bauman’s stepmother, Csilla Bauman, said in a phone interview. She said Bauman also suffered burns on his back and an injury to his right eye. She said he was stable and resting, responsive, but not fully aware of his surroundings or the extent of his injuries. He will need further surgery on his legs in the next few days, she said. She and Bauman’s father, Jeffrey, grew up in Oaklyn, Camden County. Csilla Bauman graduated from Paul VI High School. They met and married others and, after becoming divorced, connected and wed. For a time they lived in the Philadelphia neighborhood of East Falls, where Jeff, who lived with his mother in New England, would visit as a kindergarten and first-grade student. The couple moved to New England to be closer to him, and now reside in New Hampshire. Jeff Bauman grew up in Chelmsford, Mass. He maintains close relationships with an aunt and uncle in Villanova and with other family members in South Jersey.

It shouldn’t matter…but it does. It brings the story just that much more close to home for us to know that the guy minus both legs who somehow managed to keep it together through the pain is a Flyers fan. Which I guess means he has suffered a lot of extra pain we can’t even see in this awful picture.

Jokes aside, it’s still astonishing how well he appeared to deal with such a devastating injury. Way tougher than I am.

Uncensored picture here.