I tried to find a way to see this story in a non-racial light. I really did, because I know Boston gets a bad(?) rap for being a racist town. The problem is that, to me, based on the national statistics concerning drug convictions, the non-racist angle just doesn’t exist. Annie Dookan’s 1,100+ false positive drug tests are as prejudiced a crime as you can imagine. She might as well have literally sprinkled a little crack on these dudes like Chappelle said. Over one thousand false positive tests with 60,000 more to go? I can’t even fathom how much unjust jail time this broad gave people. Imagine a guy on parole who ended up at the wrong club or with the wrong group of people at the wrong time? His innocence probably turned into years behind bars in a matter of weeks.

And don’t think for a second this was just Annie’s way of getting back at the “bad” people she personally had vendettas against — this decision came from above her head. It had to. What motivation could she possibly have to alter that many tests knowing that she could be caught at any moment? Shit’s crazy and frankly I can’t believe this isn’t getting more national coverage. It’s probably going on all around the country.

Yet people still wonder why everyone can’t just pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. The game is rigged, folks — this is just one example.  Rich and powerful motherfuckers are tilting the pinball machine and trying to turn middle class whites against poor people to keep the attention off themselves.