DailyNewsNICK FOLES normally strides into the Eagles’ NovaCare practice facility sometime around 7 o’clock each morning. Once settled, his normal routine involves somewhere around 5 or 6 hours of studying, which surrounds a morning walk-through and an afternoon practice. “I’ve studied so much since I got here that sometimes I feel like I’m back in school,” Foles said last week as the Eagles prepared for the Lions. “My head is buried in football, studying and digesting schemes, pretty much from when I wake up until I go to bed.” Progress and preparation should be the least of the Eagles’ concerns, according to Frank Scelfo, who was Foles’ quarterbacks coach at the University of Arizona. “He is an extremely high-end competitor. He can look at film all day long. “I can remember at Arizona, after playing on a Saturday, Nick would want to watch the film that night immediately after playing. A lot of times, he would watch the game before I did.” “A lot of quarterbacks know what goes on and they can recognize defenses and assignments,” Scelfo said. “Nick’s thought process and ability to see everything and have an idea of exactly how it is going to play out are what set him apart.” “I don’t know when, but one day Nick is going to start in the NFL. That is a guarantee,” Scelfo said. “He’s 6 weeks in and he isn’t uncomfortable at all with what he’s doing. He feels like Andy, Marty [Mornhinweg] and [quarterbacks coach] Doug Pederson all believe in him. That is huge. He has all of the makings to be a star one day.”

“I remember there was this one time where we were all standing around hungry after the concession stands at Arizona Stadium had already closed — literally thousands of us — when Nick gets the idea that he’s just gonna serve up a fish and loaves of bread for everybody. I was like ‘Nick, babe, you’re the best quarterback I’ve ever seen. You know this. But regardless of your angelic talents on the football field, you can’t just make fish and bread out of nowhere.’ Nick looks at me — and I’ll never forget this he says — ‘Yeah? Well check it out, coach.’ Then I look up and everybody is eating Salmon burgers right then and there. GOOD ones. Threw in diet iced teas, too. That kid is something special.”

“Oh, and there was this other time when Nick was absent from practice. Now if you know Nick Foles, you know that he’s never late for ANYTHING. So we were all a little confused but stuck to our guns and held practice without our quarterback’s magnetizing¬†presence. But I’m upset. Not angry — one does not simply get angry with Nick since his charm will eventually diffuse those feelings — but sad that he decided not to join us that day. So I head home, and right as I open the door there’s young Nick balls deep plunging hard into my wife and daughter. No idea how he did it but he was apparently having sex with them both simultaneously. Then, right as I was about to say something, he calmly stops, puts on his clothes then walks out. Before he leaves, he places his hand on my shoulder and whispers ‘Your daughter will give birth to a perfect baby. Obey the child. He is hope.’ And that was it. Nick never brought it up again. Now my daughter has since disappeared but I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live.”