SunTHE runners-up in Brazil’s best booty contest – Miss Bumbum – have been caught ROMPING on the deck of a boat. Second and third place girls Andressa Urach and Camila Vernaglia were snapped enjoying the steamy embrace just days after the competition. The sexy pair already sent tongues wagging by enjoying a SNOG on podium as their delightful derrieres were celebrated. Blonde Andressa, 25 and brunette Camila 21, were behind curvy Carine Felizardo in booty pageant this weekend in Sao Paulo. But following the competition the two comforted each other on a boat, kissing and cuddling on the deck. Winner Carine who was awarded around £1,600 in prize money, said afterwards: “I am overwhelmed, very, very happy.

So then you’re like, “But maurice, where exactly is the scandal?” And I’m like, “Are you serious right now, internet stranger? Look at those butts. Look at them kissing. Look at their butts on that yacht while they’re kissing. SCANDAL.”

Everybody knows that hot women only agree to be gay with less-hot women. It’s in the new testament. Two hot women can’t do this — it disrupts the natural order of boners. Now they’ll have me on Pornhub trying to find lesbian scenes featuring chicks that look like this that DON’T EXIST because of the quality and rarity of their asses. Men worldwide wasting countless man hours scouring the internet for big-assed Brazilian lesbo porn. SCANDAL.

Besides, everybody knows hot lesbians only exist in porn and occasionally in porn jail.