For the life of me I can’t ever remember seeing a white man wear a Louis Vuitton belt. Maybe Paul Wall or Machine Gun Kelly own LV belts but they don’t count because they’re rappity-rappers and live by their own rappity-rappin ass rules. Real question: has anyone ever seen a regular white male wear a Louis Vuitton belt? Never, right?

Even searched “Louis Vuitton Belt” on Google Images and came back with literally ZERO pictures of a white guy wearing one. Rappers and black people all over the place. A couple white women. White men can’t be found anywhere.

Which brings me to my next conclusion: Howard Eskin has more style than everybody. White pants, multiple phones, BELT CLIP — has to be the case. No person with a lack of fashion sense would sign up for this poverty-stricken Richard Bronson thing willingly — it has to be all part of some “look” he’s going for. Only way to slice it. The man’s a pioneer.