Everyone was in love with Ilya Bryzgalov’s new mask when the red-hot Russian revealed it not long ago. Everyone except Lucasfilms, it seems.

According to an interview Franny Drummond gave to T7L, Lucasfilm wasn’t all too happy with the orangey-red Yoda light saber and made it clear that shit needed to change:

Someone from Lucasfilm Ltd. got in touch with the Head Equipment Manager of the Flyers and asked that the colors be changed to match the original look of Yoda in the Star Wars movies. Drummond told us that unless the changes were made, Bryzgalov might not be able to wear the mask going forward.

While the Flyers are in no position to fight Lucasfilm on this one, it would have been funny if Bryz flat-out refused to change the mask. If for no other reason than to see what ridiculous reasoning Lucasfilm would use to prove how a differently-colored make believe weapon caused millions in damages.