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My dog, Max, does this everyday for hours. I think he is just scratching himself lol, but some times he falls asleep while touching himself, lol! I have caught him on video before but this time he caught me recording him and I think it scared him to death….
Hope no one thinks that I am a pervert because I’m NOT, my dog just has issues lol!
I think most of you will get a laugh from this……

Has there ever been a more obvious caught-jerking-off face than this:

C’mon, bro. Just pawing your doggie dick in the middle of the day in plain view like that? Clean it up. And what’s with that weird air-licking move? See, that’s the strange shit that happens when you can’t even stop masturbating in your sleep. It’s called self control, pup. Take it to the bathroom or your computer chair like a civilized being.