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The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Bynum, acquired from the Lakers in a four-team blockbuster trade this summer, told reporters before a Friday game against the Jazz that he has “cartilage damage” in his left knee.

Bynum has setback as he says there is swelling and cartilage damage in left knee. Bynum said there is no timetable for return nor that it has changed from what team announced earlier this week.

Gannett added the following.

Bynum announces “setback” with swelling in both knees. Still targeting mid-December to return to practice. Then 1-4 weeks until [he can play in a] game. Bynum says it’s an issue w cartilage in both knees, but not degradation. Says no procedure will help. Just time.

GM Tony DiLeo says timetable for Bynum’s return won’t change, but team will reevaluate his knees mid-Dec. Was expected back mid-December.

The Delaware County Daily Times also reported on statements from both Bynum and DiLeo.

Bynum said he has weakened cartilage in both knees. Said pain is something he’s used to and expects to remain on same timetable. He said he has a bone bruise on BOTH knees. Bynum said he first noticed swelling “a couple days ago, I think, and I’m telling you now.”

DiLeo said Sixers will not force Bynum to play in pain. Referred to this as hopeful for long term relationship, doesn’t want to hurt him more. DiLeo: “Main concern is Andrew’s health. Main concern is big picture. We want to have a long relationship with him.”

Fuck it. Drink it all away tonight, Philly.

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