ABCThe City of Camden is preparing to lay off its entire police force. Mayor Dana Redd introduced the city’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year on Tuesday night. The plan would decrease last year’s budget by about 11 percent. It also calls for Camden to dismantle its police department to make room for a county-run force. Redd says the city is working to file a layoff plan by the end of the month. That means about 270 cops could be out of a job by the end of the year.

You can call me out for not fully understanding the city’s local politics, the depth of the plan intended going forward, or the severity of the budget crises Camden faces, but I do know one thing: Mayor Dana Redd has balls. HUGE balls.  She has to. It takes a set of brass Glengarry Glen Ross balls to stare 39 murders in 8 months in the face and say “fuck the police”.

On the other hand, though, it’s not like the cops who are there were doing a good job. Certain professions always get a pass because they’re ‘honorable’ or whatever, but I don’t see how anybody can look at the Camden PD and say they were meeting expectations. You were expected to make sure people don’t get murdered. Thirty-nine people got murdered so far this year. So, yeah, you’re all fired.

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