NFLMatthews played two seasons under Kelly at the University of Oregon before being selected in the fourth round of the 2011 draft. Kelly could make the jump into the NFL after this season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers tried to pry Kelly out of Eugene during the offseason. Both Jon Gruden and Bill Belichick have picked Kelly’s brain for tips about the Ducks’ high-octane offense. The Eagles are expected to part ways with Andy Reid after a second consecutive underachieving season, and Kelly could be high on their replacement list. “I think the fans here would love him,” Matthews told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They would love his attitude, his go-get-it mentality. “The way he carries himself, the way his mindset is, I think they’ll really like him here. He would crack jokes. When he would talk to reporters at halftime, he would give the most sarcastic answers.” One question surrounding Kelly is, will his system will work in the NFL? Many college coaches have failed on the next level. “You got to have the right personnel,” Matthews said. “I think it could work. I don’t see why it couldn’t. It’s pretty tough to stop. Even when you have it down, teams will start getting tired quick. They’re not used to that pace. “They’re so unbelievably fast. Say, if it was a defensive period, he’d have two offenses lined up. When they’d do one play, they’d run off and the other team would come on. It was just rapid fire. His mindset was 100 plays in 100 minutes. You didn’t ever have to condition.”

Deep inside it’s hard to tell whether the hiring of Chip Kelly would be a huge mistake or a franchise-ruining mistake. Either way — mistake. That fact that dude is getting his balls licked by super-stud bench-warming LB Casey Matthews should be all the warning we need.

I’m gonna go out on a limb to say this offense would 200% never work in the NFL. Sure I’m basing that on absolutely nothing but gut feeling and instinct, but since when do college coaches with unique systems transition successfully into the NFL? Exactly. The Chip Kelly Eagles experiment would probably involve 2 straight Mike Vick murder-sacks and a Shady McCoy draw play for 3 yards before we punt and keep the defense on the field for 45 minutes a game. Eagles fans: we don’t want this.

Besides, Casey Matthews, who gave you the green light to talk up your former coach when Andy is still on the sidelines? That’s our job, not yours. He should cut you for this.