Reader Email

What up Mo? Don’t know if you know bout this dude, but I would like to get him famous. “Hatin on my 2 chainz, bitch you could suck a titty boy.” Holla atcha boy!

Ya Mans,

Damn, Papi, I can’t thank you enough. THIS is the perfect example of an A+ reader email. Sure, maybe we’re a bit late on ceddybu da rap sumo, but Papi did his duty to make sure we didn’t miss the whole party. How I managed to blog all those Three Loco and Krispy Kreme videos and completely neglect a 600lb southern rapper who prefers to rhyme shirtless is an embarrassment to myself and my family. Ceddybu’s got like two bills on Rick Ross. Dude should be WAY more famous.

And his flow ain’t half bad. Sure the video below from 2009 with him sounding like fat Riff Raff (DUMB SHIT) doesn’t paint him in the best light, but this heavy-breasted Jabba the Hut kills some of these tracks. The 2Chainz line as Papi pointed out is a good example. I just can’t understand why this man doesn’t have a prevalent position in the hip hop universe right now. It’s like Kendrick Lamar makes one decent album and everybody forgets that there are shirtless black Stay Puft-shaped lyricists out here who need to get signed.

PS – How the FUCK did he survive Katrina?