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Took this last night. Couple sloppy broads throwing down in the second half. No idea why it started. This is what happens when people sell their $95 face value tickets for $27.


Almost made it through the clip without something racist being yelled, and I gotta give my city credit for holding off for almost two full minutes. Nice to see the different security teams working together so well. Not a whole not of action here, but I guess it’s fitting since there wasn’t much action on the field either. At least we get to see a big girl catch a two piece combo meal to the grill at :09.

The entire stadium’s deflation after the Bengals converted a third down at :55 pretty much sums up this season.

PS – I know the Shaniqua comment references this song, but it reminded me of this Zach Galifianakis bit which is way better.