“Not all of ‘em have dropped weight I can tell you that!” Such a boss. Only a man of supreme confidence and control could have a clearly visible 2nd chin fat waggle while taking a jab at the conditioning of professional athletes and have people not think a thing of it.

THAT’S how we can tell Charlie Kells is the truth.

Takeways from Chip’s first post-workout presser:

Crapped On My Geno Prediction -

Probably just a reverse-reverse-reverse smokescreen, but Chip’s inference that there isn’t a can’t miss QB (or any player) while specifically naming Andrew Luck and RGIII as better players than anyone in the draft would make it clear the Birds aren’t looking for QB early. Unless Chip’s plan is to assassinate Geno’s confidence before he even takes a snap under center, it would seem unlikely they burn a #4 pick on a quarterback the head coach is willing to admit isn’t that great.

The Defense Isn’t A 3-4 -

Looks like the team is serious about running both a 3-4 and a 4-3, which is understandable in the first year when the team doesn’t have all the necessary parts. But make no mistake that while there might be more 4-down lineman this season than the experts are predicting — the team is definitely looking to move away from 4-3 concepts.

Dudes Are Getting Traded -

Kelly didn’t refute a suggestion that this mini camp will be used to evaluate the ability of his team and see who can and can’t physically perform the tasks assigned, making it all the more possible the team looks to trade a Trent Cole or Brandon Graham or any other commodity who simply does not fit into the future scheme of the team. If unable to play standing up either player could still prove to be useful as a down lineman on passing downs, but for a coach looking to build from the ground up draft picks would seem more valuable at this point. Draft day trades look possible.

The Media Needs To Step It Up -

Chip Kelly ran circles around the Philly sports media today. While nobody was blatantly embarrassed, Chip joked back and fourth with some reporters and seemed like a quicker thinker than most of them. This wasn’t Andy Reid grumbling and ducking out of questions. This was a coach rapid firing out answers, quips, jokes, and if you listened carefully, lots of information.

No Frontrunner At QB -

No surprise. Both Foles and Vick took reps with the “first team”.

There Is No “First Team” At Practices Now -

Hence the quotes. Kelly’s system involves getting players in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Eagles practices will be shorter than other teams’ because Chip’s teams go at one of two speeds: teach speed or game speed. Players are graded on reps regardless of which “Team” they’re lined up with, thus ensuring LOTS of reps for every player and no segregation between the “First” and “Third” teams. ¬†Even Dawkins today admitted that it seems strange but said it should work as soon as everybody “buys in”.

Everybody Showed, Everybody’s Healthy -

Maybe the most encouraging sign. Everybody who is on the Eagles roster was present for the voluntary camp, and everybody who we hoped would be healthy appears to be so. With Kelly’s fast-paced style of training being a new trick for some of the old dogs, we can only hope the healthy streak continues.

Football news in April. “Because everything else sucks.” – Me